The Job Safety Analysis- The Most Important Aspect of the Risk Management Process

When involved in heavy industry projects especially in the construction business being exposed to risk is inevitable. It can be a challenge to eliminate or do away with the exposure to these risks completely, but we can work towards reducing the risks and be control them by following standard procedures and by adhering to the set good work practices.  Sometimes you can just take accept these risks as a usual part of doing your work. However, it is necessary to know the risks that your employees can and are willing to accept.

We are prone to these risks every day when we are performing our duties. The risks that we encounter will be determined by the probability and the frequency in which we are exposed to them. You should also understand what the outcome will be if the risk occurred so that you can make an informed decision when you accept to take up the risk every day or use this service. Employees have to understand the risk and then decide if they are up to the challenge of accepting the risk.

Understanding and accepting the risks starts with the management at the organization level so that you can pass it down at the local levels. Risk management being a managerial function there are available tools that can help in understanding the risk and then contain it at acceptable levels. One of the ways is through job safety analysis. In the organization, the lowest management of risk is controlled by the people who are directly involved in doing work and then the immediate supervisors.  When planning and then executing tasks, it is paramount to ensure that all the people involved are given a chance and involved so that they are well informed, about all the developments that can increase the chances of being exposed to risks. Then the right measures are put in place so that if a risk happened, they could deal with it appropriately avoiding further exposure to the damages.

One of the ways that the hazards can be spotted is through the workers. They are very good at it, but sometimes they might not mention it. Most of the workers can spot the risks as they are strategically found in their key areas of work. So the managers should involve JSABuilder when accessing the risk so that they can find ways to reduce them. Good communication between the employees and the management can help in identifying these risks and then taking the right measures. For more information about Job Safety Analysis, visit: